Changes for 2018 Content (Boating Industry)

We delivered many Digital Displays in 2016 and were thrilled that so many of our dealers were reporting how the displays had transformed their sales and how many of you reached out to tell us about additional boats sold as a result of having your digital displays at boat shows.

Unfortunately, the Content-as-a-Subscription model we've utilized since 2015 has proven no longer effective. The following changes will be effective for the 2018 model year and beginning September 1 2017:

  • Monthly plans will be reduced, leaving just the Basic package for the infrastructure and access to the Content Creator platform. This will allow dealers to create/edit their own content.
  • Requests for new content by our team will be billed as a per hour service. We are open to any and all brands, provided that they will provide the required information. Dealers are encouraged to create their own content on the Content Creator, as part of the base monthly fee (above).
  • All account balances from the 2017 model year must be paid in full. Any accounts with balances not paid by September 30th will be terminated. We are also requesting that monthly payments be setup as automatic ones using a credit card. If you have a past due balance, a statement is attached.
  • Prepaid annual subscriptions will be credited to the accounts towards the new model.

For the customers who have paid their monthly subscriptions: thank you. If there is anything we can do at Distinct, please let us know.

Freshly updated brands

Alongside the new Content Creator 2, we've spent the better part of a year planning and designing a data standard for the boating industry.

Having spent thousands of hours each year collecting, formatting and converting MSRP sheets, specifications, images and video for all of the brands in our ever-growing library, we saw the need to unite the industry and deliver easy-to-obtain data that can be implemented in minutes with an API:

What does all this mean in english? A drastic reduction in the delivery time of updated content to your displays, along with many more manufacturer line-ups coming soon!

The following brands have been added or updated over the past two weeks:

  • Aqua Patio
  • Chaparral
  • Hewes
  • Hurricane
  • Maverick
  • Pathfinder
  • Pursuit
  • Robalo
  • Sanpan
  • Sea Ray
  • Sweetwater
  • Tiara
Luminous empowers third-party developers with access to data from marine manufacturers, revolutionizing the marine industry by opening the doors to cutting-edge apps, dealer websites and much more.

Luminous empowers third-party developers with access to data from marine manufacturers, revolutionizing the marine industry by opening the doors to cutting-edge apps, dealer websites and much more.

Our Biggest Sale Ever!

Distinct, the South Florida-based marketing agency and manufacturer of digital signage solutions, announced Wednesday that it is offering its biggest ever sale to date of its entire product line of Digital Displays. Boat dealers can save up to $1,000 on each of its displays ranging from 22” to 70”. A purchase of any amount also comes with a free three-month Content Creator subscription.

The availability of this offer is limited through the end of October, but immediate orders will guarantee delivery for early 2017 industry boat shows.

“Last year, we were so buried with orders at the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo (MDCE) in Orlando, we were still swiping credit cards after forklifts were pulling boats out,” said Jani Gyllenberg, founder of Distinct. “It was our biggest event ever, and with MDCE being moved from November to December in 2016 and already limited availability, we know that we won’t be able to deliver all of the last-minute orders for the beginning-of-the-year boat shows. That’s why we are offering this sale so that dealers can start the year off with the right tools to sell more boats.”

Gyllenberg added the demand for Distinct’s flagship 32” has exceeded availability since they were introduced this summer. These interactive stand-alone displays are the size of almost 10 tablets. Distinct also offers 46”, 55” and 70” wall-mounted displays — all built Distinct’s interactive touchscreen – and a portable 22” version that delivers the same experience as its larger counterparts, but at a lower price point. Distinct’s digital displays were chosen for Boating Industry’s Top Products of 2015.

Dealers that stock up on five or more 22” Displays will save $250 each.

In addition, Distinct’s new software features on all of its displays deliver model lineups and dealers’ complete inventories. Dealerships are able to showcase all of their boats in stock, plus all models not on display — complete with photos and videos — which Gyllenburg says significantly increases their chance of a sale, especially when the customer can’t see the boat on the spot, in person.

“The results speak for themselves, as manufacturers and dealers are informing us of deals written only because of what our products delivered at the right moment,” he added.

Discounts are limited to single dealerships and available through the end of the month. To take advantage of the deals and receive a free 3-month Content Creator subscription (valued at $387) —visit or call 561-444-2958.

Distinct creates new website for The Boat House

With seven locations between the Midwest and Southwest Florida, The Boat House required a sophisticated yet user-friendly way of showcasing their inventory and relevant contact details.

Built from the ground up by our team, the inventory is seamlessly fed by the Salesforce platform that The Boat House had spent a year fine-tuning with teamMarine. The infastructure we created between Salesforce and the front-end of the website also feeds boats to other third party systems including Boat Trader and the inventory on The Boat House's Digital Displays via our Content Creator.

Freedom Boat Club goes digital

Distinct recently teamed up with Freedom Boat Club, the nation’s largest boat club with nearly 100 locations nationwide, to create an interactive and engaging sales tool for use at club locations and offsite events.

We were honored to debut the new setup at Freedom Boat Club’s Annual Conference down in the Florida Keys earlier this week.

The touchscreen interface allows customers to view information videos on the benefits of membership (and how the club works), and interactive calculators enable customers to make educated decisions on whether boat ownership is right for them. Customers can also view boat fleets and activities specific to each Freedom Boat Club location – content that is easily edited through our Content Creator website.

For busy events, a membership form captures customer information and is fed directly into the location’s CRM software.

“It is like combining our website as well as all of our brochures at the touch of a fingertip.”

NauticStar Boats teamed up with Distinct at this year’s Miami International Boat Show, and have utilized our digital displays at indoor shows since:

“There are many features that I like about the Distinct stand up touch screen monitors, such as being able to load all 24 models of our boats into each individual monitor. This includes specs, MSRP, window stickers, performance data, and photo/video galleries, which provides the salesperson and customer an on the spot interactive tool for any specific model. It is like combining our website as well as all of our brochures at the touch of a fingertip. 

What was very important for our dealers was to have access to this large amount of data without the need of internet which @ boat shows can be very limited and/or expensive. Distinct Marketing was able to design a system that catered to our specific needs and requests.

At shows I find that the monitors catch the eye of prospective customers young to old along with drawing people in who may or may not have stopped at the booth otherwise. It’s a great marketing tool to say the least.”

-Jeff Riggins, NauticStar Boats

MarineMax selects Distinct’s Digital Signage for stores

October 13, 2015, West Palm Beach, FL—As technology continues to make waves in the boating industry, an increasing number of boat dealers are being propelled into the future of sales and marketing, as evidenced by a steady rise in the sales of digital signage and displays. With hot new products, comprehensive packages for dealers of every size, and affordable pricing, it’s no wonder so many reputable boat dealers are embracing the trend.

“Since we introduced our Brochure capability earlier this year, we’ve seen a surge in sales and interest,” says Jani Gyllenberg of Distinct, a South Florida-based marketing agency and manufacturer of an award-winning line of digital signage solutions. “Our customers are now able to load multiple brands and hundreds of models onto each display, and that capability has translated into more sales.”

Among the tech-savvy dealers showcasing Distinct’s new digital displays is MarineMax, the world’s largest boat retailer with over 50 retail outlets nationwide. The boating industry powerhouse currently features digital signage from Distinct in eight of its locations, with plans to expand its digital marketing efforts.

“The boating industry is evolving very rapidly, and MarineMax is at the forefront of this evolution,” notes Kelley Barry, Multimedia Specialist for MarineMax. “Utilizing technologies like Distinct’s digital displays at our dealerships and events have been a welcomed addition. In these content-driven times, providing the customer an interactive experience where they can browse makes and models at their leisure or with a sales consultant is a very powerful sales and marketing tool. Distinct is on to something big with their interactive displays,” he concluded.

Distinct has also been working closely with manufacturers to tailor custom co-op programs for this new marketing category including: Maverick Boat Company, Seminole Marine, Nautic Global Group, Robalo and Chaparral. With these strategic partnerships, the company hopes to transform the process of buying and selling boats for the better, and based on the response from manufacturers and dealers to date, it’s working.

“These Digital Displays have greatly enhanced the retail experience for our customers, and they have dramatically increased our boat sales to date,” says Skip Lyshon of Maverick Boat Company. “We want to get these in all of our dealerships and have put together a strong co-op program to do just that.”

To that end, both Maverick and Nautic Global Group introduced Distinct’s new 27-inch Digital Display at recent dealer meetings, with large pre-orders for the model before the first prototypes were even complete. Further, the company launched a boat-show-rental program just in time for the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show with complete packages starting at just $400/display. The buzz continues for this year’s Marine Dealer Conference & Expo (MDCE), where Distinct hints at major new product launches.

“Our goal from day one has been to simplify marketing for boat dealers, and we’ve got some great new products coming out before the end of the year to add to our amazing existing line-up” added Distinct’s Daren Somero.

In addition to their Digital Displays, the company also offers turn-key marketing strategies for dealers of any size, including award-winning websites that seamlessly integrate with cloud-based Dealer Management Systems.

With offerings and pricing like this, it won’t be long before every boat dealer joins the digital revolution.